See Westpress for the link to join our Zoom meeting.    Login from 10.15 am for a 10.30 am start. 

  • Zoom host:         Nigel Perry

  • Service hosts:    Penney Kemp & Kathy Mayes

  • Theme:              “Behold I make all things new”

  • Communion will be included in the service, so join the meeting with your communion elements prepared.


The recordings have now been uploaded. 

Tim Slack will be MC and Steve Rosie, Zoom-host.


Stuart Masterton and Roberta George will each be giving a talk on James 2.


We are staying with our overall theme of being witnesses.


We are shifting the focus to “Being a witness – choosing to live well when times are tough”. 


For the next period we will look at the book of James.

This was written to God’s people when they encountered adversity  ( in their situation  it was through dispersion and  persecution ) and  it offers wisdom on how God’s people can live in difficult times.  Choices that we  can make  in regard to attitudes, actions and how we relate .

The book of James is rather like  receiving wisdom from a loved Grandparent  - mostly you appreciate  what they have to say, but from time-to-time it is uncomfortable and a little bit challenging.


Our modality of ‘teaching’ while in Zoom mode is that we will ask a couple of contributors to bring a thought from the passage – something that has stood out for them.

A contribution of  no more than 5-7 minutes, a bit like we had a couple of week ago. Following the two contributors, we will have breakout rooms to discuss.


The recordings have now been uploaded.


Host:      Ryan Mayes

Theme:  Solidifying the lessons we have learned from lockdown and how we should prepare for the opening up of our bubbles.

In this Sunday’s service we will continue our series on what it means to be a witness by reflecting on the first chapter in the letter of James.

In the first chapter of his letter, James instructs the scattered tribes of Israel to use their time of temptation and trials wisely and he encourages them that out of such times they can grow in perseverance as their faith is tested.  He also reminds them that their faith needs to be lived out in action as well.


So this week we shall look at the lessons we have learned over the last few weeks during this lockdown period, and we shall also look forward in preparation for when our bubbles open up again.

James Anderson and Janet Slack will share their reflections and learnings from the James Chapter 1.

Mini Series

“You will be my witnesses” in the midst of Covid-19   –   but how?

This year the teaching team have taken as their key verse Acts 1:8, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the farthest parts of the earth”.

What does ‘being a witness’ mean for us in the midst of Covid-19 restrictions?

We are going to take some guidance from the book of James.  The apostle James wrote to the early Christians at a time when their life was challenging:  they were encountering persecution and dispersion because of their faith.

While our circumstances are not the same as theirs, ours also is a time when life is challenging.  Our challenge comes through isolation, uncertainty, restrictions, fear.  

James gives good guidance on how to live when life is tough - how to be a witness.  He addresses some of the ways we need to think and act in regard to relationship, community responsibility, personal choices, the words we speak, how we listen, fear, trust and faith.  

The advice he gives is like that from a loving and wise grandparent:  most of it is great, but some of it is seriously uncomfortable and challenging.

While meeting virtually, during the second and third Sunday of each month, we will invite a couple of people to reflect on what stood out for them from a particular chapter.

You might also like to read the book of James thoughtfully, and reflect on what stands out for you in regard to challenge or encouragement.


The recordings have now been uploaded.

Zoom brunch (BYO) this Sunday  


It is Sunday Brunch time again at Westchurch, and just because we are isolating doesn’t mean we can’t meet.


What to expect:  A fun, relaxed and possibly chaotic time with the theme ‘What’s Got You through?’

Several people will share things that have helped them survive isolation. 

There will also be some cameo appearances by friends from afar.

Who should join us:  Anyone of any age. You are welcome to invite others from within or outside your bubble.


The recordings have now been uploaded.

Today [Saturday] on ANZAC Day we remember the sacrifices and service given for this country, along with the pain and grief that accompanied it. 

At this present time we are also experiencing a world in pain, grief and fear. Our worship service on Sunday will be a time of reflection and lament. 

You may find it helpful to revisit our Good Friday reflection by reading Psalm 22, or listening again to it sung or you might add a reflection you made on the things you were fearful of.   

If you are able add any other feelings that have surfaced for you during this period of lockdown, we will bring these to God on Sunday. 

We will share communion together as part of our worship, so please come prepared with juice/wine/coffee, bread/crackers etc. 

See you tomorrow.  Thanks.  Janet Perry


Wendy talked about supporting anyone going through hard times and showed this video ...

How do you help a grieving friend? by Megan Devine

more from her site here

Westchurch Zoom gathering       


This Sunday we will be following on from our Easter reflection:


  • What can we learn about living in the “in between” – the period of time after the resurrection and before the ascension?

  • Are there lessons to help us while in lockdown?

Nathan Allpress will be the technological host for the service.


Kathy Mayes will be the content host for the service, and there will be a number of other contributors.


We will include the ‘breakout room’ again and communion.  

So come prepared to share communion with your coffee and crackers, bread and wine, juice and chips – or whatever combo works for you.


The service will last no more than one hour.


We look forward to seeing you.

2020-04-12 EASTER

The recordings have now been uploaded.

See Westpress for details to join our Zoom meeting. See you at 10:30 am.


Jeanette Allpress will host, and there will be an Easter message from Robin Raymond, together with contributions from other Westchurch members. 

We shall also celebrate the Lord’s Supper together, so take some time beforehand to prepare a plate of bread (cracker or muffin), and a cup of wine / juice (water, coffee or tea etc.), which you can share with the people in your bubble – in memory of the one who laid down his life for us.


Optional Extras

Song links you may wish to choose this weekend

Christ Arose                              

Because He lives!                    

I know that my Redeemer Liveth

He lives!                                  

Be still and know that I am God


(Please note the correct lyrics for verse 3 are  "In Thee [You] O lord do I put my trust".)

If you are short on time, If possible, read Luke 24 and John 20. 

You could also, watch this Word study on Peace:   (3½ minutes)

If time is not an issue, read Luke 22 & 23, John 12-19 as well!

Or listen to this Bible meditation for Easter Sunday:                

Luke 24    Jesus Vindicated     Tim Keller     (52 mins)


Family activity:  Make an Easter garden

Empty yogurt pottle for tomb, or whatever you have on hand.  Tip on one side on oven tray or shoe box lid. 

Make garden around with playdough, dirt or moss.  Make gardenlike with daisies, dandelions or whatever you have.  Maybe a cross or 3 made out of sticks or icecream sticks.

A large stone or piece of cardboard for stone to roll away.  Duplo/lego characters if you wish/have.

Homemade resurrection rolls:

                               or cookies

If you have other activities/recipes to share, please share them on our Westchurch Facebook page.  We'd be delighted to have some posts of your creations on Facebook - and of you enjoying them!


The recordings have now been uploaded.

BYO virtual brunch this Sunday


It's Sunday Brunch time again at Westchurch and just because we are isolating doesn’t mean we can’t meet!


Location:  Your lounge, kitchen or bedroom via ZOOM on your computer or smart phone. Details sent by Westpress.

Date/Time:  Sunday 5th April, 10:30 am


What to expect:  A fun, relaxed and possibly chaotic time with a short thought-provoking talk.


The ten-minute talk:  Hamish Flanagan on ‘Mediation and Conflict Resolution’.


Who should join us:   Anyone of any age. You are welcome to invite others from within or outside your bubble.


Children:  (and young at heart) have ready a glass with about 1 cm of milk in the bottom and a straw.

Quiz:    Music Quiz Scoring WC.pdf         MS Word (docx option)

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The recordings have now been uploaded.

Passages to Read (links to Bible Gateway)


Songs Philip mentioned - here are some Youtube links to them:

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