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Christians against Poverty


In 2015, Westchurch partnered with Hope Presbyterian to introduce the first Debt Management Centre affiliated with Christians Against Poverty (CAP) in Christchurch.

The 'Westhope' centre, was originally managed by Te Whare Awhero (Hope House) in Hornby, but currently it is managed by Westchurch.

CAP's holistic debt counselling service is run in partnership with hundreds of churches. CAP aims to provide the best debt help to those with the very least means, and it has developed a range of programmes to complement that mission. It was founded by John Kirkby in 1996, and is now the leading debt management organisation in the UK, and has been operating in Australia since 2000, and in Canada since 2013.

CAP has operated in New Zealand since 2007, and around 65 churches now partner with CAP to provide holistic debt help. Many more run the ‘CAP Money’ course, or other CAP programmes focused on employment, addictions and life skills, thus giving thousands of Kiwi families access to free services with love from local churches.

See and CAP’s free, professional Debt Management service is described at .


If you are in debt, just call the toll-free CAP helpline 0508 227 111. CAP staff in Auckland will assess your situation and, if we can help, set up an appointment with the appropriate Centre Manager.

Our 'Westhope' Dept Centre Mangers, Lyn and Janine, cover the West side of Christchurch. There are debt centres that cover most of the Christchurch area

Westchurch also runs 'CAP Money' courses, for people who want to sort out their own personal finances and develop a lifestyle that keeps expenses within their income.


Participants attend a short series of DVD-based discussion sessions, and get ongoing access to an excellent web-based budget management tool, which allows personal information to be kept entirely private.


If you would like to join a course, please register your interest on the CAP website.


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